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Australian Junior Golf Academy

The Australian Junior Golf Academy has been developed specifically to introduce young juniors from the ages of 5 to 18 years into the great game of golf and to assist with their physical, social and life skill development regardless of their background, ability or gender.

Our goal in promoting junior golf is to develop the individual’s golf game and improve gross motor skills while allowing social interaction in a non-contact environment. The clinic-style format at schools, together with facilities at Tempe Golf Driving Range and Beverley Park Golf Club gives the juniors an opportunity to improve their game and progress through from lessons to the golf course.

The AJGA is built on a very new and innovative concept that is changing the way junior golf is viewed, taught and played. This has created an opportunity to generate interest through the school system which currently represents a database of seventy (70) schools; a figure that is steadily increasing. Through this database we anticipate targeting as many as10,000 children in our first year alone. The AJGA will be using the latest in junior golf equipment – Tri-Golf. The Tri-Golf system enables juniors of every age to try, play and progress in a very safe and user-friendly manner, so that enjoyment is at a premium every step of the way.

Our aim is to encourage and nurture junior golfers throughout the south eastern region creating a fun and interactive golf academy that you’ll be proud to be associated with. The AJGA is fortunate to have two venues at its disposal: Beverley Park Golf Club and Tempe Golf Driving Range. Both venues have tremendous facilities with Tempe Golf Driving Range offering something that very few golfing facilities can offer, such as day and night use. It can accommodate the needs of virtually every golfer. Whether it’s practice before or after a round, having a lesson, hitting a bucket or two after work or having fun with the family, these two venues have it covered. Both venues have fully stocked Pro shops and staff that are always willing to help.

The Australian Junior Golf Academy has qualified PGA Professional coaches that attend every junior clinic for specialised coaching. By introducing the juniors to golf, they also introduce schools and parents alike into a fun sporting environment.

Kids’ Chairs

Kids’ Chairs

When children advance into their formative years, they take pride in the ambiance of their room. A child’s room gives a tangible representation of their style preferences while simultaneously personifying their character. With that said, ample thought should be put into the overall decorative process. The inclusion of Kids chairs Incy Interiors is one way to tie the theme together while implementing utilitarian furniture. Fortunately, the market is saturated with a treasure trove of quirky and stylish chairs for kids. Here’s an overview of some kids’ chairs that pique the interests of children and parents alike.

Sybilla settee

  • Rocking Chair
  • Industrial Activity Chair
  • My First Chair
  • Gaming Chair
  • Butterfly Chair
  • Recliner
  • Bungee Chair
  • Dish Chair
  • Juvenile Chair
  • Lounge Chair
  • Desk Chair
  • Stacking Chair
  • Foldable Chair
  • Upholstered Chair
  • Plush Character Chair
  • DSW Chair
  • DAW Chair
  • Accent Chair
  • Rocking Chair

Incy Interiors
With that said, there’s far from a shortage of kids’ chairs at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. With such a vast assortment of kids’ chairs available, parents often turn to Incy Interiors for their interior design needs. Both proficient and knowledgeable, the professionals at Incy Interiors effortlessly assist their clients. If the seemingly endless supply of kids’ chairs has bogged you down, consider consulting an Incy Interiors expert. Fill out their online contact form here if you wish to connect with one of their interior designers.

Inquiries To Heed Before Plunging Ahead
Before your shopping experience is underway, it’s imperative to set financial parameters. What’s more, it’s prudent to settle on your color scheme and theme preferences. When the answers to these pivotal questions have been cemented, these are some additional queries worth pondering.

  • Are you looking to repurpose this furniture down the road?
  • Does style take precedence over comfort?
  • Are you willing to buy used chairs?
  • Would you like to stow the chairs away when they’re not in use?
  • Should the size of the chair cater to adults as well?
  • If your color scheme is neutral, should the chairs serve as an accent piece?
  • Are you capable of refurbishing used chairs?
  • How often will the chairs be used?

Looking To Revamp Your Rundown Chairs?
Perhaps the chairs that you purchased eons ago have finally overstayed their welcome. If so, there are plenty of nifty ways to repurpose them. Here are among a few ways you can instill new life into your decrepit chairs.

  • Picture Frames
  • Bird Feeder
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Outdoor Swing
  • Shelf
  • Wall Holder
  • Flowerpot Holder
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Storage Compartment
  • Dog Feeding Station
  • Chalkboard
  • Shoe Rack

Kids Beds Choices

Contemporary Choices in Kids Beds

Browsing all options in kids beds can be a pretty big hassle for the majority of parents in this world. Parents typically are busy with all sorts of things. They often have full-time jobs that occupy substantial amounts of their time. They’re frequently busy with significant duties around the household as well. That doesn’t leave them with much time to dedicate to shopping for furniture pieces for their kids. If you’re a loving parent who is looking for kids beds, you can find them here: www.incyinteriors.com.au/beds/. However, you know exactly how tough the whole thing can be. Although there are without a doubt many diverse options in kids beds available to the public, that doesn’t make knowing which ones are the best simple. If you’re a committed parent who needs to find your child a bed, you need to be exhaustive to the max.

It can never hurt to request tips from other people who are parents just like you are. Talk to the parents of your child’s classmates. Talk to your friends who also have children. It can even often be prudent to seek guidance from your own parents. They know exactly what it’s like to raise youngsters, after all. If you need suggestions that pertain to purchases for kids beds, it can always be good to get opinions from other folks. Other people may be able to open your eyes to things you never even thought about in the past. Parenting can be a mysterious thing.

Finding kids beds that are of outstanding quality is something that calls for a patient and detail-oriented personality. It’s not something that’s a good idea for people who don’t really concentrate on details and nuances. It’s not something that’s a good idea for people who like to do things too quickly. Thankfully, most parents love putting in time to do good things for their children. Most parents have zero complaints regarding shopping for beds for their kids. They often approach the entire thing in a loving and sweet manner.

Reviews on the Internet can be a major asset to people who are shopping for all of the greatest choices in kids beds, see more here: https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. It’s essential to comb through online reviews meticulously You don’t want to miss out on any valuable information. It’s smart to comb reviews for mentions that involve safety, support, reliability, materials and overall craftsmanship. Kids have to sleep in their beds nightly. They have to depend on their beds for assistance with growth. They have to depend on them to feel refreshed in the morning as well. That’s why buying beds is never any kind of joke.

If you want to get terrific kids beds, then you have to stop by all kinds of home furnishing businesses. Be sure to target businesses that have expansive selections of furniture items for children. There are some furniture stores that are devoid of pieces that are fitting for kids. Parents who are exhaustive, detail-oriented and tenacious are always able to find beds for kids that are sturdy and modern.

Oscar bed

Exciting Baby Furniture

Baby Furniture

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for the arrival of your tiny tot. Perhaps the most fun part of welcoming a new family member is having to design and decorate the little person’s bedroom. From change tables, to cots, to rockers, parents can quickly feel overwhelmed by the process of finding and selecting the perfect furniture for their baby’s bedroom, but the process of shopping for baby furniture does not have to be one that causes you to lose sleep before the baby even arrives. Conducting research and reading reviews can help parents decide which baby furniture at www.incyinteriors.com.au is right for them and their little one.

Perhaps the most important piece of baby furniture you will purchase for your little person’s room is his or her cot. Finding the perfect cot can be both an exciting and daunting for parents as they sort through the many different options available. When looking for a cot that fits your home and budget, make sure to select a cot that is designed to adhere to NZ and Australia standards of safety so that you can rest assured your precious bundle will be sleeping soundly in a safe and comfortable sleep environment. Some options include wooden cots and metal cots, along with convertible cots that can transform into a toddler bed. Convertible cots are highly recommended since they can grow with your baby and are a long-term investment piece. However, designing your baby’s room doesn’t end with the cot. The little bundle of joy needs other baby furniture in his or her room too!

Another staple in your tiny tot’s bedroom is the change table. When choosing a change table, make sure to pick one that is sturdy and built to last through the many heaping piles of nappies that will need changing. Also consider the style of change table that will best match the rest of the baby furniture in your tot’s bedroom. Are you going for a modern looking bedroom or do you prefer a timeless look? Coordinating the baby furniture throughout the bedroom will enhance the look of the room.

In the wee morning hours, a rocker can make all the difference in lulling your little one back to sleep. Comfortability is key when choosing a rocker for your tot’s bedroom as you will spend a lot of time snuggling your tiny person. Perhaps a rocker is not the right piece of Incy Interiors baby furniture for your baby’s room and instead you prefer a two-seater or small couch. In choosing seating for your baby’s room, consider the size of the room and layout that you have in mind.

When shopping for furniture for your baby’s room, remember that the process does not have to be overwhelming. There are always designers available to help if you need assistance in designing your baby’s dream room. Remember the pointers above and you will find that designing your baby’s room is both enjoyable and exciting!

Ivy conversion kit

Baby Furniture

Where to Purchase Baby Furniture

Reese cot - side view

Baby furniture can be an exhilarating topic for parents who are on the verge of expecting babies. It at the same time can also be quite a complex one. Purchasing baby furniture isn’t always as easy as walking into the nearest local store and looking around for a few minutes. Parents have to assess all sorts of factors. They have to assess crib safety components. They have to think about material strength and durability, too. If you want to buy baby furniture, you need to first think about all of your vendor options. There are a number of avenues accessible to parents who are trying to plan.

Brick and mortar store options can be helpful to parents who want to make baby furniture purchases. If you take the time to head to your nearest shopping mall, there are likely a handful of department stores that can accommodate you. There may even be a designated shop that’s exclusively geared toward baby furniture at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. Physical shops can make the process of searching for furniture pieces pretty easy. It can help for parents to be able to look at furniture items with their own eyes. It can help for them to be able to touch them as well. If you want the best and only the best for your sweet little newborn, then being able to touch furniture options can help. Being up close and personal with them can help, too.

Parents can also depend on the Internet for all of their baby furniture shopping requirements. Online shopping can be good for busy expectant parents who lack a lot of time to be able to walk around. It can also be good for pregnant women who are tired and who simply do not feel like navigating the stresses of packed shopping malls and beyond. If you turn to the Internet, you can shop on your own time. You don’t have to wait for stores to open up in the morning. You can take as much time as you need. You don’t have to worry about impatient family members feeling annoyed by how long you’re taking. The Internet is amazing for yet another strong reason. The options in stores that specialise in furniture pieces for babies on the Internet are impressively abundant. People can choose between stores in all different locations, too. If you don’t want to feel restricted by geography, Internet shopping is the way to go. It can give you fast and stress-free access to stores that are based all over Australia and beyond.

If you want to buy Baby furniture at incy Interiors, you can think about yard sales as well. Yard sales can help parents who wish to save some money. It’s vital to ponder safety, though. Don’t assume that old cribs that are for sale may be a good fit for you. Nothing matters more than buying a crib that abides by any and all required safety regulations. You need to buy baby furniture that’s safe, sturdy and 100 percent resilient.

What to Look For in Kids’ Furniture

4 Things to Look for in Kids’ Furniture

You’ve decided that you want special kids’ furniture, whether it’s to decorate a bedroom, fill up a playroom, or simply provide your kids with their own area within the home. Selecting kids’ furniture, however, can be a daunting process! You want to be sure that you’re getting the right furniture for your kids–often without being able to test it out ahead of time. If you’re looking for kids’ furniture, carefully consider these key elements.
Eden bed - double

1. Durability

Kids are hard on their stuff–and it shows fast on furniture! You want furniture that is durable, tough, and able to withstand the demands of your kids no matter how rambunctious you get. Look for materials that you know you can count on and a long-lasting guarantee that will allow you to replace furniture that fails to meet your expectations.

2. Practical Colors

When you choose kids’ furniture, you want to be sure that the colors match the room where you’re planning to use the furniture. Not only that, you want furniture that can be used in more than just one room in the house. For example, your daughter’s room may be decorated like a princess tower in shades of pink and purple, but if the playroom is red and blue, furniture that’s a neutral color may be more useful. Keep in mind the needs of future kids, too! Who’s coming up next who will also have the chance to use this furniture?

3. Classic Designs

Your kids’ furniture should have a practical, classic design that will fit well into any room in the home–not because it won’t fit with your current decorating scheme, but because you want it to last long-term! Even if it fits your current decor, consider what you’re going to do with your Incy Interiors baby furniture after your kids outgrow it. Will it get passed on to friends? Put up for future generations? Are you going to sell it? A classic design will last much longer than contemporary or even character designs, allowing you to easily pass the furniture down or sell it later.

4. Safety

Safety is of top importance when it comes to kids’ furniture. Make sure that you’re choosing sturdy furniture that’s designed with kids in mind. Rounded edges, rather than sharp corners, and furniture that is less likely to tip or fall over is safer for little ones who are likely to climb, bounce, and use furniture for everything but its intended purpose.

Choosing kids’ furniture is an important decision. Even if it will only be used for a few years in your home, you want to be sure that it’s designed with your kids in mind to allow them hours of use and fun. By following these key tips, you’ll find that it’s easier to choose kids’ furniture that will meet your long-term needs.