Australian Junior Golf Academy

The Australian Junior Golf Academy has been developed specifically to introduce young juniors from the ages of 5 to 18 years into the great game of golf and to assist with their physical, social and life skill development regardless of their background, ability or gender.

Our goal in promoting junior golf is to develop the individual’s golf game and improve gross motor skills while allowing social interaction in a non-contact environment. The clinic-style format at schools, together with facilities at Tempe Golf Driving Range and Beverley Park Golf Club gives the juniors an opportunity to improve their game and progress through from lessons to the golf course.

The AJGA is built on a very new and innovative concept that is changing the way junior golf is viewed, taught and played. This has created an opportunity to generate interest through the school system which currently represents a database of seventy (70) schools; a figure that is steadily increasing. Through this database we anticipate targeting as many as10,000 children in our first year alone. The AJGA will be using the latest in junior golf equipment – Tri-Golf. The Tri-Golf system enables juniors of every age to try, play and progress in a very safe and user-friendly manner, so that enjoyment is at a premium every step of the way.

Our aim is to encourage and nurture junior golfers throughout the south eastern region creating a fun and interactive golf academy that you’ll be proud to be associated with. The AJGA is fortunate to have two venues at its disposal: Beverley Park Golf Club and Tempe Golf Driving Range. Both venues have tremendous facilities with Tempe Golf Driving Range offering something that very few golfing facilities can offer, such as day and night use. It can accommodate the needs of virtually every golfer. Whether it’s practice before or after a round, having a lesson, hitting a bucket or two after work or having fun with the family, these two venues have it covered. Both venues have fully stocked Pro shops and staff that are always willing to help.

The Australian Junior Golf Academy has qualified PGA Professional coaches that attend every junior clinic for specialised coaching. By introducing the juniors to golf, they also introduce schools and parents alike into a fun sporting environment.

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