What to Look For in Kids’ Furniture

4 Things to Look for in Kids’ Furniture

You’ve decided that you want special kids’ furniture, whether it’s to decorate a bedroom, fill up a playroom, or simply provide your kids with their own area within the home. Selecting kids’ furniture, however, can be a daunting process! You want to be sure that you’re getting the right furniture for your kids–often without being able to test it out ahead of time. If you’re looking for kids’ furniture, carefully consider these key elements.
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1. Durability

Kids are hard on their stuff–and it shows fast on furniture! You want furniture that is durable, tough, and able to withstand the demands of your kids no matter how rambunctious you get. Look for materials that you know you can count on and a long-lasting guarantee that will allow you to replace furniture that fails to meet your expectations.

2. Practical Colors

When you choose kids’ furniture, you want to be sure that the colors match the room where you’re planning to use the furniture. Not only that, you want furniture that can be used in more than just one room in the house. For example, your daughter’s room may be decorated like a princess tower in shades of pink and purple, but if the playroom is red and blue, furniture that’s a neutral color may be more useful. Keep in mind the needs of future kids, too! Who’s coming up next who will also have the chance to use this furniture?

3. Classic Designs

Your kids’ furniture should have a practical, classic design that will fit well into any room in the home–not because it won’t fit with your current decorating scheme, but because you want it to last long-term! Even if it fits your current decor, consider what you’re going to do with your Incy Interiors baby furniture after your kids outgrow it. Will it get passed on to friends? Put up for future generations? Are you going to sell it? A classic design will last much longer than contemporary or even character designs, allowing you to easily pass the furniture down or sell it later.

4. Safety

Safety is of top importance when it comes to kids’ furniture. Make sure that you’re choosing sturdy furniture that’s designed with kids in mind. Rounded edges, rather than sharp corners, and furniture that is less likely to tip or fall over is safer for little ones who are likely to climb, bounce, and use furniture for everything but its intended purpose.

Choosing kids’ furniture is an important decision. Even if it will only be used for a few years in your home, you want to be sure that it’s designed with your kids in mind to allow them hours of use and fun. By following these key tips, you’ll find that it’s easier to choose kids’ furniture that will meet your long-term needs.

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